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    Bridgewater State University, Fall 2023

    Written by: Hamilton Deane & John L. Balderston

    Based on the Novel by: Bram Stoker

    Adapted By: Sarah Elizabeth Bedard



    This production of Dracula was a highly physical, movement-based and queer adaptation. In this production, Dracula herself was a sexual liberator of women.

    One of the primary questions that came up during the rehearsal process was the motovations for Van Helsing, who was protrayed by a feminine actress. Through conversations, it was decided that Mrs. (not Dr.) Van Helsing was a right-wing traditional women that commited her life's work to make women subservient. One of the main insprations for this character was Phylis Schlafly, an absoulte nut-case that managed to stall the ERA indefintley.

    Other than Schlafly, other dramaturgical work was more about the origins behind vampiric lore, the beginning of medical science in London and Queer analysis of Bram Stoker's Dracula.