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    Spring 2023, Bridgewater State University

    Book, Music & Lyrics: Kevin Murphy & Laurence O'Keefe

    Based on the Film by: Daniel Waters

    Original Directed Off-Broadway by: Andy Fickman

    Original Off-Broadway Choreographer: Marguerite Derricks

    Directed by: Sarah E. Bedard



    The original film and the musical are immensely cynical of suburban American society in the 1980s. This dark comedy satirizes several horrific events in the 80s such as the exploitation of teenage mental health by news media and the prevelant homophobia during this period due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Through my dramaturgical work, I closely analyzed these periods to provide a timeline for these events. I also closely analyzed 80s media that inspired the cult-classic film and threw in a criticism of the myth of cow tipping for good measure.